• Everything… AND the Kitchen Sink

     Jul 19th, 2009  Paul B

    Maggie M. from Glenview, IL desperately sought a way to conceal her kitchen TV because it was always in the way.  The TV sat on the counter top, it was not only an eye sore but also a huge inconvenience, taking away a lot of counter space. We have suggested a number of solutions.  One option was to mount an articulating arm to a wall under the cabinet, so the TV itself is off the counter, and somewhat easy to tuck away.  But then an idea came to our heads… After careful measuring we concluded that the TV is a perfect size to be put into the glass door cabinet itself.  Maggie liked the idea of having the TV in the cabinet, but didn’t want to loose all the cabinet space the TV would take.  So we  mounted the TV to the cabinet door.  Although the installation was somewhat tricky,  it turned out to be a great accomplishment,  we not only concealed the TV perfectly, we also saved Maggie all the cabinet space she needed.

    Look at the finished project.

    p1010554 custom-fit-tv-in-kitchen-cabinet p1010557

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