• XBMC Apple TV Marriage

     Apr 5th, 2010  Paul B

    Ever heard of X-Box Media Center (XBMC)? It is an amazing piece of software that piggybacks to your X-Box, Apple TV, even your PC, to turn any of the mentioned into a full-blown media organizer.  We have tested  XBMC thoroughly for the past few months, and we absolutely love it.  If you already have all your movie collection stored on a hard drive, and an Apple TV or an X-Box, all you need is this piece of software installed and your media server is ready to go. It is complete with meta-data support, like actor information, movie summary, ratings etc.

    See a few screen shots below, and tell us how you like it:

    XBMC Screenshot

    Visit xbmc.org for more info on the software.

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