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Simple to install

Prodigy products are all specially designed to seamlessly work together so there’s no special wiring and no expensive installation. Fast, reliable wireless solutions mean that any home system can be set up quickly and easily, saving time and money.

Energy Efficient

Prodigy is so smart it will even save money after it’s installed. Conserve energy and reduce costs without compromising comfort. Dim lights or turn them off automatically when the room is vacant. Install multiple thermostats to create smaller zones for heating and cooling, and create temperature setpoints for simple, yet effective environmental control. Prodigy intelligently manages lighting and temperature in the house to shrink your carbon footprint and your electric bill.

Easy to use

Prodigy intelligently manages home entertainment, lights and thermostats for you, so you just instinctively press a button and Prodigy serves up whatever you desire. Prodigy delivers modern home management and keeps you in control.

Control at Home or Away

Always stay connected where you are.

Safe, secure and reliable Crestron technology lets you turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, and arm security from thousands of miles away.

Use any Prodigy Touchpanel, iPhone® or iPod touch® to effortlessly get the most out of your home.

Control music, TV, lights, and climate from one simple interface.


Peace of mind, security and happiness are not luxuries reserved only for the privileged. Prodigy provides the highest level of home entertainment, comfort and convenience for every family, every lifestyle and every budget. Built on a flexible, scalable platform, you can start with home theater today; distribute music throughout the house tomorrow, then add lighting and climate control—even remote control from laptops and mobile devices.

Beyond the Universal Remote

Interactive user interfaces control more than just the entertainment center.

View song and radio station names, as well as current temperature and other info from handheld remote and touchpanels.

Wireless technology means not needing to point the remote anywhere in particular to make it work.

Multiple interfaces around the home afford control in different zones—change songs in the den while adjusting volume in the living room.


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The Prodigy® Central Controller is the heart of a Prodigy system. Built by Crestron® for Prodigy, it is the result of decades of innovation. The Central Controller transforms your button presses into customized actions: simultaneously turn on the TV, dim the lights, and play back your favorite movie. It’s also your outside link to what's going on inside your home. Connect via iPhone® to turn on lights when you're away, adjust the temperature before you get home, and make sure your security system is always in check.


Simplify your life. Let Prodigy consolidate remote controls, reduce energy bills, and alleviate frustration. Intelligent light dimmers help maximize bulbs and save money on your electric bill. Controlled thermostats help keep the atmosphere comfortable while saving money. This peace of mind empowers you to focus on what’s really important in life. Because it’s built on proven Crestron wireless technology, the Prodigy Central Controller works flawlessly through walls and between floors.


Neatly tuck away cable boxes and Blu-ray players out-of-site and let the Central Controller take charge, responding to your every request. And because it’s wireless, there’s no need to rip up walls and run wires. Don’t design the living space around technology. Instead, design the technology around the living space. Prodigy truly makes life simple + affordable.

The IDOC lets you listen to music or watch videos from your iPod® throughout your home. Easily create any atmosphere desired with your favorite music and video collection. Without extra importing, ripping, or downloading, simply use your existing iPod as a home entertainment hub. Placing your iPod, iPod touch®, or iPhone® into the IDOC interface transforms your personal music and movie collection into a high fidelity media server.


Control what’s playing from any Prodigy Touchpanel, Mac®, or PC. Best yet, syncing music and video content between your computer and iPod is automatic. Because it’s built by Crestron®, the IDOC is already proven as innovative and reliable. Take home the Crestron experience as well as all the features of the pros at an incredibly affordable price.








Bring the soundtrack of your life to every room with the Processor Amplifier, exclusively designed by Crestron® for Prodigy® systems. Let Prodigy set the atmosphere at home, delivering luxurious sound at an affordable price. Designed with your future in mind, Prodigy lets you start small, then go big. Built on Crestron expert engineering, the Processor Amplifier affords you all of the features of the pros.


Multi-zone audio distribution means any source in any room. Relax to a favorite XM® station in the kitchen, while the kids rock out to the latest on their iPod® in the bedroom. Adding iPods and radio to a Prodigy system is easy with the IDOC and Radio Tuner, filling every room in your home with high quality audio.


Over time needs may change:

Start with just a few rooms today, and then add more tomorrow. Bringing audio to more rooms in your home is as easy as adding Processor Amplifiers to your existing system. Prodigy Keypads and Touchpanels make expansion even easier. Prodigy technology delivers more for less.



Bring home modern, hi-tech touch control with the Prodigy® In-Wall Touchpanel. Trade the walk to the stereo cabinet, loaded with too many confusing knobs and buttons, for a user-friendly graphic-driven touch screen experience in any room of the house. While at the In-Wall Touchpanel, even adjust the lights and temperature, and check for any open doors or windows. Get the most out of home and technology with Prodigy by Crestron®.


The Prodigy In-Wall Touchpanel displays a simple layout for all home control. Press the “Media” button and explore the music collection on your iPod® or iPhone®. Browse by artist, song and playlist in every room, as if the iPod was actually there. Visually select favorite radio stations by genre. Intuitive “Lights” and “Climate” buttons deliver exactly the controls needed to keep the home atmosphere comfortable and efficient. Quickly and easily schedule temperature set points for every day of the week and automatically dim up outdoor lights when the sun goes down.


The Prodigy In-Wall Touchpanel is your central hub to total home control. Bring home the power, reliability, and intelligence of Crestron in addition to decades of industry leading experience at an affordable price. Engineered with you in mind, Prodigy proves to be simple + affordable.


Take complete control of your home with the Prodigy® Handheld Touchpanel. Wirelessly control music, TV, lights, and temperature from the ultra-crisp color display together with the Prodigy Media Controller. Channel surf or browse your iPod® using the simple tactile buttons. It’s so light and ergonomic that you may forget it’s in your hand. Let Prodigy consolidate control and simplify your life. Imagine powering up the TV, Blu-ray player, and surround receiver, switching to the correct inputs, and dimming the lights (just because you can)—with the single push of a button. Make your dream a reality with Prodigy.


The Prodigy Handheld Touchpanel is built on proven Crestron® wireless technology, so you know that it will perform flawlessly. It integrates seamlessly with the Prodigy Central Controller and it’s backed by decades of industry leading experience. Finally, a touchpanel with pro features that is truly simple + affordable.