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Structured Wiring For Homes & Businesses

Lifestyle Specific Structured Wiring
Residential & Commercial


The best time to wire a residence or a business is while it is being built. It is really important to have an idea of what you want accomplished.
We work with builders and designers to merge technology and practicality into a well-planned, structure-wired home of the future.


If you have relied on an AV specialist before, you probably know that a well done pre-wire is crucial to a home buyer’s satisfaction and ensures smooth integration with a variety of service providers and electronics systems.   Builders and interior designers spend countless hours with  customers, making design decisions from the color of the kitchen cabinets, to the type of flooring, counter tops, hardware, windows, lighting fixtures, etc.  We feel that letting the customer decide the type of technology they would like in their new home is equally important.  Too often home buyers are dissatisfied with their home wiring.


It is much more beneficial for both the builder/designer and the customer to get the wiring done in the open phase of construction; it saves money and headaches related to the mess caused by opening walls to retrofit low voltage wires.  It can also result in savings of up to 60%  over  retrofit installations, based on our research.


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