• What you need to know before buying a 3D HDTV

     Mar 28th, 2010  Paul B

    With new technologies in TV manufacturing emerging, 3D TVs seem to be the hottest thing this season. Here is what you’ll need to get ready for full HD 3D experience in your home:

    3D-ready HDTV
    Active shutter 3D glasses
    3D Blu-Ray DVD or any other 3D HDTV content, whether from a cable or satellite provider

    Things to remember:

    1. When you buy your 3D HDTV, it might (or might not) come with 3D glasses. Even if it does, it will include only one pair. So please consider your family members when making a 3D TV purchase.

    2. In order to watch 3D Blu-Ray disks you will need a 3D enabled player. Also, a great quality HDMI cable is a must! (10.2GB transfer or higher will be needed)

    3. If you have an existing HDMI switching receiver, make sure it is 3D passthrough compliant! Otherwise connect the 3D Blu-Ray directly to the TV (you will still be able to use your existing receiver for digital sound, but you will have to use an optical or digital coax cable for audio transfer) – This is extremely important, since non-3D compliant receivers will not be able to deliver the performance of the 3D disk, and will most likely break the experience.

    4. 3D content, although extremely sought after, will be very limited this year. There will be only a few movies released until December (one of them being “A Christmas Carol”, just in time for the holidays). ESPN promised to release a 3D channel by June of 2010, but the release date will vary by area – it is best that you check with your cable or satellite provider. NOTE!: your existing cable or satellite equipment will most likely have to be upgraded, and availability (based on my past experiences with all TV service providers) will be limited, so don’t wait until last minute to get that upgrade out of the way.

    5. Buy for the future: even though the 3D content will be limited this year, the picture quality will be dramatically better when compared to traditional 2D TVs.

    6. IMPORTANT! 3D HDTV isn’t for everyone! Lots of people have experienced headaches and eye strain from watching 3D content, and over a million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with stereo blindness. To make sure you don’t throw your money away, do yourself a favor and visit your local cinema to see a 3D movie, like “Avatar 3D” or “How To Train Your Dragon 3D”, and learn from that experience.  (Remember to perform this test on all members of your family, don’t be selfish!).

    I will do my best to keep you updated on new products related to 3D technology, so check back often.

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